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Manufacturer of Filled PTFE Products & PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene

Goa Polymer is your go-to source for superior PTFE components

Goa Polymer, an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, supplier, and exporter from Udyamnagar, Majgaon, Sawantwadi, Maharashtra, India, excels in PTFE and filled PTFE products. Goa Polymer, a leader in PTFE processing, offers top technical expertise. We manufacture PTFE semi-finished products, including molded, ram-extruded, and paste-extruded tubes, as well as PTFE machined components in various filled grades. Discover quality and innovation with Goa Polymer.



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Did you know that PTFE is commonly referred to as Teflon? Teflon is a renowned brand name owned by Chemours, synonymous with high-performance polymers. Goa Polymer proudly adheres to the exacting standards associated with this esteemed brand.

PTFE Components Hub

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Why PTFE components by Goa Polymer?

At Goa Polymer, we are proud to be one of the newest and fastest-growing PTFE product and PTFE Gasket manufacturers in India, specializing in high-quality PTFE Gaskets and PTFE Machine Gaskets. Our success is driven by a dedicated team of over a thousand skilled professionals and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with modern, hi-tech equipment. Our highly qualified and experienced Polymer Promoters bring a wealth of industry knowledge, ensuring top-notch product quality and innovation. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and reliable products, earning the trust and loyalty of our valued clients. Discover the Goa Polymer difference today!

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PTFE Stop Rings

Endure extremes effortlessly with Goa Polymer’s PTFE stop rings. Offering unmatched dimensional stability and resistance to deformation, these rings are the epitome of reliable sealing solutions.

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PTFE Valve Seats

In critical valve applications, trust Goa Polymer’s PTFE valve seats for reliability. With resistance to corrosion and low-friction properties, these seats excel in demanding industrial environments.

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PTFE Gaskets

Discover the exceptional sealing capabilities of Goa Polymer’s PTFE gaskets. Engineered for resilience, these gaskets provide an impermeable shield with remarkable chemical resistance and temperature stability.


PTFE Sheets

Versatility meets strength in Goa Polymer’s PTFE sheets. Ideal for various applications, these sheets offer robust chemical resistance and electrical insulation properties, making them indispensable in industrial settings.


PTFE Bushes

Experience low friction and excellent wear resistance with Goa Polymer’s PTFE bushes. Designed for stability and longevity, these bushes elevate machinery and equipment performance across industries.


PTFE Billets

At the heart of Goa Polymer’s innovation lie PTFE billets, the raw material for various components. Consistent and reliable, these billets are the foundation for Goa Polymer’s high-quality Teflon products.

PTFE Gasket - PTFE Machine Gasket Latest Price, Manufacturers & Suppliers​

At Goa Polymer, we bring you the latest in high-quality PTFE gaskets, designed to meet your industrial needs with precision and durability. Our PTFE machine gaskets are manufactured using cutting-edge technology, ensuring exceptional performance in a wide range of applications.

Industry Benefits

India's Top PTFE Teflon Gaskets Manufacturers, Suppliers and Dealers

PTFE gasket selection is a daunting task for many, especially when it comes to the first time. As a product provider we, Goa Polymer are here to present a wide range of PTFE products. Thus, you should find a useful one for you and ensure a great experience in the future. In the beginning, you must know the usage as the product is useful for many regular utilities. So, to get a great outcome you must know the nature of material and other characteristics. PTFE gasket might be a much-known material for you if you have any construction work. Yet, selecting the right one would be a daunting task. Thus, to guide you in selecting the best PTFE gasket manufacturer in India, a description is here. So, go through it and find the most appropriate one.